Paithani Saree

Traditionally manufactured in Yeola, a district of Maharashtra, its an authentic wear for weddings, events, functions and festivals. Though its manufactured only in Maharashtra, Its very famous in India and loved by women all over. 

The unique manufacturing method of the saree, amazing and attractive colours and its specification of Peacock embroidery makes the Paitani stand out from the rest.

These days Foriegners are highly intrested in this traditional Indiam make which thereby gives this Saree an International platform.

Noni Juice

Noni Juice has been known to cure a number of  human diseases and has amazing healing effects.


Agriculture Kit

This unique combination of organic fertilizers is prepared using patented technology. The name NPK itself describes the all in one nutrient providing source to the plants/ crops like Nitrogen ( N ), Phosphorous ( P), Potassium ( K).

Using this assures guaranteed a product that is durable, healthy, full of shine, best quality output and increases overall productivity thereby ensuring a good place for the users in the market.

Healthcare Product

Sea Buckthorn is a berry filled bush from Europe and Central Asia that has long been used as a traditional medicine to prevent ageing, promote heart health, and clear up the skin. Modern science has proven many of these benifits.The high abundance of antioxidant content, vitamins and flavonoids makes Sea Buckthorn a great health product.