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People who are depressed or experience mood swings often feel down for extended periods. They lose interest in activities that they once found pleasurable. Depression affects millions of Americans.

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Paithani Saree

A premium quality traditional Indian Paithani Saree mainly manufactured in Maharashtra.

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Noni Juice

Noni juice is derived from the fruit indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australasia.


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Agriculture Kit

A complete solution to all your  agricultaral concerns. This unique combination of organic, Eco-Friendly fertilizers in its own way has led to many satisfied users.

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Healthcare Product

Sea buckthorne is known as a panacea, or cure-all, in many parts of Eastern Asia and Russia.

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Allegiance Multitrade PVT. LTD.

Allegiance Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. India is overviewed with a sense doing continuous R&D and developed series of many products, which are of high quality and approved per international standards. As a part of business strategy,

Allegiance Multitradre Pvt. Ltd. India intends to enhance market share, Technological collaboration and joint venture partnership. Though our primary focus is readymade garments, organic product lines, the Agro products,Tourism indutry and would be strategically incorporated as well.

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About Allegiance

Our focus is intended to manufacture readymade garment, Health Care, organic manure with a sense of 'Back to Nature for Eco-friendly approach.' Our strategy is to provide innovative organic and biological products with fast availability of main elements.This is due to direct availability of nutrients and energy efficient product which include DAP (Direct available phosphorus), NPK, Potash. Our modern customer care approach looks ahead to customer satisfaction.We are going to give world-class services in tourism industry.

We have comprised on the quality of the services and products provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customer happy & provide them with product at very competent prices. We have excellent staffs is always eager to guide you with the best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informs that may be needed about the market trends.

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